The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation makes grants to qualified non-profit organizations serving 50 specific counties in south and central Texas. These are the counties where we make grants:

The AKR Foundation awards grants for arts/culture, charitable, education, literacy, medical and scientific purposes. You can review a list of grants funded in the past on our website under Prior Grants

The AKR Foundation welcomes all qualified, non-profit organizations to submit grant requests and to share this information with other non-profit organizations that may not know about the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation.

The official name of the Foundation is the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Meyer Foundation; however, our Advisory Directors ask that your organization use the name Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation in all printed materials and acknowledgements. The Foundation is also referred to as the AKR Foundation.

We will post all updates on the website if anything changes. Please check our website frequently and be sure to read the FAQs before contacting us.

The Advisory Directors

The AKR Foundation has three Advisory Directors who approve grants. They are the adult children of Alice Kleberg Reynolds: Chula Reynolds, Mike Reynolds, and CoYoTe PhoeNix. The Foundation has a specific amount of funding dollars available annually. Once these dollars are committed, the allocation is complete. Therefore, our suggestion is to APPLY EARLY!

  • For reasons of privacy, we do not release the addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of the Advisory Directors. Per their request, we do not forward invitations, magazines, brochures, newsletters, thank you notes, tickets, etc. Please do not send any materials in the mail, they will not be forwarded to the Advisory Directors.
  • Advisory Director CoYoTe PhoeNix has requested that we relay to all applicants that she is only interested in funding programs and campaigns that provide support and/or services to women, girls, and lesbians. She does not fund “galas” or “bricks and mortar”. The answers to the optional questions 17-20 will be of particular interest to Advisory Director CoYoTe PhoeNix. If your program matches Ms. PhoeNix’s interests and priorities, please include answers to these questions with your application.

The Trustee

Frost Bank serves as Trustee for the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Meyer Foundation. The Trustee manages the application process. They review all applications for completeness and qualify those that are eligible for review by the Advisory Directors. The Trustee does not approve or deny grants, however they will reject any applications that do not meet the Foundation’s legal requirements. The Trustee does not meet with applicants or provide input on the decisions of the Advisory Directors.

Please thoroughly review the Guidelines and FAQs before reaching out to the Trustee. Send any questions not answered in the Guidelines or FAQs to the Trustee via email at Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. The Trustee will respond as soon as possible, but please allow up to 2 business days for a response to your inquiry.

Getting Started Annually

  • If this is your first time applying for a grant you will need to register your organization using your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and contact information. Returning applicants can log in using their TIN. 
  • The grant cycle for 2024 begins Wednesday, May 22, 2024 and ends Wednesday, August 28, 2024 at noon (12pm) CST.
  • Please read the Guidelines, FAQs, and other information on the website before submitting your organization’s application or contacting the Trustee if you need assistance.
  • You are responsible for keeping your organization’s profile up to date at all times. If we need to contact you, we will use the phone number/email address of the Primary Contact on your profile. When grants are funded, the checks will be mailed to the address on your profile. Please make sure to keep it up to date! 
  • Always use the name of the organization and the Tax ID Number (TIN) shown on your organization’s IRS Tax Determination Letter and 990 tax returns. 
  • If your organization uses a DBA, please put it in parenthesis after the legal name of the organization. If you have already created your profile using your DBA name, please update your profile to show the legal name on the IRS Tax Determination Letter.
  • Provide the information necessary to log in (TIN and password) to all necessary staff or grant writers that are part of your organization to avoid duplicate entries for your organization.
  • Be sure the email addresses and are not blocked or filtered by your email systems as these are how we will contact you.

Creating a Grant Application

  • Your organization must create a new application each year that you want to apply, even if applying for a campaign that has received funding in the past.  This also applies to multi-year “pledged” grant recipients.
  • All applications and documents must be submitted via our online application.
  • We do not accept paper applications or email attachments. Please do not email any documentation to the Trustee. All documentation must be submitted through this website.
  • Each organization is limited to two applications per year.
  • If your organization is applying for more than one grant, your organization must fill out one application for each request.
  • We primarily make grants for specific programs, campaigns or projects.
  • We do not make grants for capital campaigns, but we will fund grants for “brick and mortar”.
  • We do not make grants for scholarships.
  • The Tax ID Number (TIN) on your profile must match the TIN on your 990 tax returns and your IRS Tax Determination letter. If they do not all match, your application will be returned to you for correction if time permits.
  • Your organization must answer all required questions before submitting the application.
  • As you work on your application, it remains in Draft status until you click the submit button. 
  • We do not review applications in Draft status.
  • When you hit submit, the application moves to Eligibility Review.
  • You may check the status of your application(s) on your organization’s profile at any time.

Status Definitions

Eligibility Review

  • In this phase, the Trustee is reviewing your application for completeness to ensure it meets the criteria of the AKR Foundation. 
  • If your organization’s application is not completed correctly and time permits, the Trustee will move the application back to Draft status and advise you by email. You must log in and provide the information requested in our email. The application must be re-submitted BEFORE the deadline in order to be reconsidered. Please note, if your organization submits your application within the last 48 hours of the submission deadline (August 28, 2024 at noon (12PM) CST), the Trustee may not be able to advise you of corrections needed with your organization’s application.
  • If you submit your application 48 hours before the submission deadline and it is returned to Draft status because it is incomplete, you will not be given extra time to resubmit after the deadline. We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the day(s) before the deadline to submit your application. There will be no extension for incomplete applications to be resubmitted.
  • If your application does not meet the criteria of the AKR Foundation it will be marked as Not Eligible.
  • If your application is complete and meets the criteria of the AKR Foundation the Trustee will move the application to Pending Decision.

Pending Decision

  • The Trustee has qualified your organization’s application as eligible and passed it on to the Advisory Directors for their decision.
  • The Advisory Directors may leave your application in Pending Decision status up until the deadline for grant decisions, which is September 20, 2024.


  • If your organization is selected for funding, in any amount, your application status will be ‘Approved’ but a dollar amount will not be noted because Advisory Directors can adjust the approved amount until September 20, 2024.
  • ‘Approved’ does not mean you will be granted the full amount requested; you may only receive partial funding.
  • Your application will remain in ‘Approved’ status until your grant is paid.


  • Your check has been prepared. Your organization will receive the check with a letter that outlines the amount and restrictions of the grant. The check will be mailed to the address on your profile. Generally, the check will arrive within a few weeks of the deadline for decisions.


  • This means all 3 Advisory Directors have reviewed your application and declined to grant funds. The Trustee cannot provide you with any additional information about the Advisory Directors decision. You are welcome to apply again in future years.

Please see the FAQs if you have additional questions. We wish your organization the best and look forward to receiving your application!